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Impact Martial Arts Academy

Impact Martial Arts Academy is Virginia Beach’s premier destination for martial arts. Conveniently located in Windsor Oaks Shopping Center, we have been a cornerstone of the community since 2009. Our expert instructors specialize in multiple martial arts disciplines, including Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Filipino Martial Arts, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). We offer comprehensive classes for all ages, dedicated to excellence in self-defense and fitness. As a locally owned and operated academy, we are committed to providing the best training experience in Virginia Beach.

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As a family-owned and operated establishment, we are committed to providing the best training experience to all our students. Try our FREE Introductory Class and learn about various martial arts styles.

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Our Programs

We offer a variety of martial arts disciplines to suit different interests and goals. Whether you’re interested in striking, grappling, or weapon-based training, we have a program for you.

Students practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques at Impact Martial Arts Academy in Virginia Beach

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Expert Instructors: Train with experienced instructors dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.
  • Solid Curriculum: Learn fundamental techniques, advanced strategies, and practical applications.
  • Community and Well-being: Improve fitness and build mental wellness.

Ready to start your BJJ journey? Learn more about our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

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Muay Thai

    • Experienced Coaches: Learn from skilled coaches who bring out the best in every student.
    • Dynamic Training: Engage in high-intensity workouts that improve striking techniques, agility, and endurance.
    • Fitness and Self-Defense: Gain practical self-defense skills while boosting your overall fitness.

Interested in Muay Thai? Discover our Muay Thai classes.

Filipino Martial Arts

    • Skilled Instructors: Train with knowledgeable instructors passionate about FMA.
    • Versatile Techniques: Learn a blend of traditional and modern techniques, including stick fighting and knife defense.
    • Practical Self-Defense: Improve coordination, speed, and gain practical self-defense skills.

Ready to explore FMA? Learn more about our Filipino Martial Arts classes

Why You Should Choose Impact

Our Core Values

As a family owned and operated (not a franchise), we have strong values in:

    • Excellence: Striving for excellence in both technique and character development.
    • Community: Fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among all members.
    • Health and Wellness: Promoting a healthy lifestyle through regular martial arts practice.
    • Dedication: Committing to continuous learning and improvement.
    • Respect: Cultivating a culture of respect for oneself and others.
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Top Martial Arts and Combat Sports Classes in Virginia Beach, Martial Arts Virginia Beach, mma virginia beach, impact martial arts academy
Top Martial Arts and Combat Sports Classes in Virginia Beach, Martial Arts Virginia Beach, mma virginia beach, impact martial arts academy

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Customer Reviews

Impact Martial Arts Academy
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Impact Martial Arts is so impressive with their customer service, children's, and adult programs. The atmosphere is so positive and family oriented that you want to learn more.
Gil Salang

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Here, you are surrounded by a Tribe that makes you feel at home and welcomed. Coaches push you to give it your all. Great place to train.
Elliott Fisher

Choose Impact Martial Arts Academy

Unleash your potential and elevate your martial arts journey with Impact. Our academy offers a diverse range of disciplines, expert instructors, and a supportive community that will empower you to achieve greatness. Choose Impact Athletes and embark on a transformative martial arts experience.

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