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IMPACT Tribe “Rolls” Deep at US Grappling VA. Beach.

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Saturday, March 15th at Virginia Beach Field House, the IMPACT tribe filled the stands and the mat. With over 15 competitors and an even larger crowd of supporting classmates and family, we were easily the most heavily represented school at the competition. The incredible turnout of teammates that arrived for the sake of cheering on their brothers and sisters in battle is the perfect example what makes the IMPACT bond so tight. Fights were taking place well into the evening and the tribe remained to see their members compete down to the last event. Well fought, IMPACT competitors, and congratulations on the matches that were won and the knowledge that was gained!


Competition Statistics:


Juvenile Division:


Madison Brown

No Gi: Beginner/Intermediate 70 to 72 lbs Age 9-11 – Bronze

Gi: Beginner 67 to 72 lbs Age 8-9 – Bronze




Austin Cleto

No Gi: Beginner/Intermediate 102 to 104 lbs Age 12 – Silver    





Anitamae Quintin

Gi: Beginner 105 to 122 lbs Age 12-15 – Gold          





G’ Angelo Quintin

Gi: Intermediate 81 to 86 lbs Age 13 – Bronze  




Geno Quintin

No Gi: Advanced 137 to 147 lbs Age 16-17 – Silver                                              

Gi: Advanced 137 to 159 lbs Age 16-17 – Silver




Ian Reynolds

No GI: Intermediate 175 to 187 lbs, Age 15-17                                           

Gi: Intermediate 183 to 220 lbs, Age 15-17 – Gold



Adult Division:



Kristina Bounds

No Gi: Beginner 158.1 and up – Gold                                                                        

Gi: White Belt 158.1 and up – Gold




Jeremy Bruce                                                                                                             

No Gi: Beginner 162-175.5

Gi: White Belt 162-175.5

Absolute White Belt




Kuya Christopher Costa

Gi: Brown Belt 175.6 – 202- Silver




Joshua Goan

No Gi: Intermediate 162.5 – 175.5

Gi: Blue belt 162.5 – 175.5




Zachary Griesbach

 No GI: Intermediate Middle-Heavy weight




Bruce Hernandez

No Gi: Beginner 215.1 and up – Silver                                                                        

Gi: White Belt 215.1 and up – Bronze




Kenji Norman

No Gi: Intermediate 122.5 – 135.5 – Bronze                                                                

Gi: Blue Belt 122.5-135.5 – Bronze




Ally Post

No Gi: Beginner Light: 124.6 – 135.5 – Gold

Gi: White Belt up to 124.5 – Bronze




Guro Ervin Quintin

No Gi: Intermediate                                                                                                      

Gi: Blue Belt 135.5 – 162 – Gold




Ate Carrie Rondenhizer

No Gi: Beginner Light: 124.6 – 135.5 – Bronze                                                               

Absolute Beginner Featherweight

Gi: Women’s featherweight White Belt  

Absolute White Belt Beginner




Mike Welch

No Gi: Novice 188.6 – 215 – Gold                                                                                



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