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Why Should My Child Train BJJ?


Growth Every Child Should Have

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the best things a child could ever get into. The growth that takes place is absolutely amazing! There’s nothing more beautiful and rewarding than watching a kid go from timid to outgoing or hesitant to headstrong in a matter of a few weeks. With the leadership from the instructor to act as a strong role model and the camaraderie amongst the students, this provides an excellent environment to build a child’s sense of belonging and show what a good leader looks like. Within the art itself, it teaches how to have control not only in the physical aspect, but in the mind and spirit as well. Pushing to get a takedown, a submission, or even just holding someone down requires more than just technique. In order to finish a technique under pressure and resistance, some level of persistence is needed. This carries on into other parts of life where the same sort of persistence is necessary to complete a goal. Looking at the other side, being on the receiving end, it takes a similar amount of effort to escape. In order to escape from getting tapped out or smashed, you need to face the problem straight on or have the mindfulness to not be in that position in the first place. This, again, carries on into real life off of the mat.


Learning something like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows children to learn and understand how to properly use their skills in a safe and controlled environment. Understanding how to apply themselves correctly creates situational awareness which is crucial in preventing bullying. Alongside this, the understanding of when and where to apply their skills can prevent any accidents or unnecessary situations. The discipline to control themselves in class translates directly into the real world and can greatly affect how a child handles bullies.

Confidence and Control

Like all martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches discipline and respect. In comparison to other martial arts however, the trust among the students is unique and builds a special bond. There’s a form of respect built between two people when you come in close contact and try to tap each other out. The opportunity to apply this level of respect in a physical form isn’t something very common. The child can learn to apply the appropriate amount of pressure with absolute control while getting the job done. It is in the nature of the art of Jiu Jitsu that the student will experience being tapped out many times due to the process of learning. Children learn to handle themselves and with consistent training can strengthen mental fortitude and keep the mind clear to continue tackling their problems. Confidence at that level is a major asset for them to have and carry into their adult life. Being alongside peers who are all experiencing the same growth and an instructor to guide them will save a lot of time and the pains of trying to learn these things on their own.

Overall, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is extremely beneficial to a child’s physical and mental health and wellbeing and can be easily translated into real life. Give them the advantage in life that they deserve and let them experience what martial arts can do for them. Check out our beginner friendly classes here in Virginia Beach and get started today!

Table of Contents

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