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Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


One of the most beneficial martial arts to train is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, also referred to as BJJ. Similar to judo, BJJ is a wrestling/grappling art and is a fun way to exercise while learning self defense at the same time. The nature of Jiu Jitsu provides a healthy balance between using gentle technique and aggressive competition-like explosiveness.

Real Life Application

Just like in other martial arts like Karate, BJJ can also greatly improve mental fitness and confidence. Training manifests our real life problems into something physical that we can work on in a safe and controlled environment. With the high speed and drive you see in competitors, Jiu Jitsu can increase your ability to make faster decisions and persevere under pressure. Once you see how strong your body is, your mind strengthens as well.


Having teammates who are also looking to improve themselves and dedicated instructors willing to show you the way makes it easier to stay consistent and, in turn, give you the self discipline you need to climb the ranks. Here at Impact, we have the best beginner friendly classes in all of Hampton Roads. Located in Virginia Beach, there are students who travel down from Suffolk, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and even a group from Richmond who visit on Saturdays just to train with us. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, compete, or just learn something new, Impact is the place to be. Get started today!

Table of Contents

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