4 Traits of a Bully-Proof Child

4 Traits of a Bully-Proof Child

1. Confidence

Martial arts gives a major boost to children who are on its path. The nature to grow stronger and overcome challenges is an essential trait in kids. Bullies benefit off the insecurities and weakness of their victims. It is a priority to have the mental fortitude to match the physical skills of a strong martial artist. When a young mind develops confidence early, they will give themselves the freedom to pursue anything they desire while having the strength to rise above challenges and adversities. Having the ability to physically protect themselves is a big confidence booster. Simply knowing and being able to plan for what is needed to be done against an aggressor changes the mind of someone who used to be afraid of physical conflict. Confidence is a wonderful trait to see in children.

2. Leadership

Every child has the potential to become a strong leader. Children who train in the martial arts find that great leadership doesn’t mean being the biggest, fastest, or strongest. Where there is leladership, there is a teaam. Within that team are relationships that respect and support one another. Bullies don’t target leaders because they inheritly sense that support energy that exists around them. A strong leader will have the confidence needed to properly handle any verbal conflict that may arise. In some case studies, bullies have been found conceiding due to the lack of dominance over a victim that takes charge over the confrontation. Growing the skills needed to become a strong leader will be a tool that will continue sharpening over time. When it is created and maintained early in life, their abilities carry into their adult life and will be an asset for the entire world.

3. Well-Spoken

In children, becoming well-spoken is an essential trait to develop. As life is just starting, it’s important for a child to articulate thoughts and feelings. In an instance of conflict, a well spoken child can recruit bystanders on their side. If a bully was making a scene or physically assaulting someone, a simple “Stop!” or “Help, they’re hurting (victim)” can make all the difference. Coming from a child, these quick actions can change the outcome of bullying depending on the audience of the situation. A teacher or nearby adult can hear the call of attention and act. In the event of this being a solo confrontation, there are ways to talk down a bully that can only come from strength and confidence. Utilizing this trait can shut down or redirect even the most troublesome of situations.

4. Optimistic

What kind of thinking allows children to be comfortable with who they are and finding the best ways to overcome any challenge? Optimistic thoughts! Positivity definitely allows cleaner thinking which builds perseverance and freedom. Nurturing positive thinking in childlren is a great way to develop their character. Martial arts has been known to give kids the ability to call upon positive thinking that can save themselves or someone that might need it at the time. Negativity is all around us and everyone can benefit from the clean thinking that optimism stands for. Being a stronger positive energy allows freedom through the discipline of control practiced in the martial arts. Its training continues to prove and provide an outlet to promote positive mindsets and allows for negativity to be dealt with as a challenge rather than a reason to shut down.

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