Head instructor Eloy Quintin wins gold at the ADCC Nationals


Members of the Impact Tribe attended and competed in the first Abu Dhabi Combat Club Grappling tournament to be held in Virginia, which took place at Fort Monroe, a decommisioned army post in Hampton, VA. The Impact team occupied the venue with an impressive 14 competitors, not to mention countless supporters that showed up to cheer on their teammates. The entire day was filled with excitement as our school won matches and medals across several divisions in both gi and no gi. Impact as a whole even came in second in the Team Awards! Among those competing were Head Instructors Guro Ervin Quintin and Simo Eloy Quintin. Eloy takes home the gold medal in her first Blue Belt division, winning the match with a guillotine choke.

At the start of February, Simo Eloy began teaching an all women’s brazilian jiu jitsu session on saturday mornings. This class has helped to give all of our female grapplers an extra edge with specialized training that puts the sport of BJJ into a woman’s perspective.

There were many wins across the board and everyone walked off the mat with something more than they came on with. Incredible job to every one of our Jiu Jitsu competitors and thanks to our great team for giving us the support needed to push forward to victory. This day was certainly a big step forward for our Tribe!


Full List of Competitors and Competition Statistics:



Jake Brown

  • Gi – Kids Division – Gold
  •  No Gi – Kids division – Gold


 NoGi-Mens-Silver-QuintinErvin2 flipped

 Guro Ervin Quintin

  • No Gi Mens Division Advanced (vs Super Fight competitor) – Silver  



Professor Carlos David Oliveira

  •  No Gi Mens Division MasterGold


 Professor Gilson Nunes

  •   No Gi Adult -154 lbs. – Gold
  •   Gi – Featherwieght – Gold

NoGi-Mens-Silver-KongRafael flipped

Professor Rafael “Kong” Maia

  •  No Gi Super Super Heavyweight – Silver
  •  Gi Super Super Heavyweight – Gold


Coach Christopher “Kuya” Costa

  • No Gi Professional 200 lbs. – Silver

 1795705 10203495418532991 1369210073 n-2

Jeremy Bruce 

  • Gi Beginner lightweight – Silver


Bruce Hernandez

  •  Gi Beginner Heavyweight – Bronze


Michael Pinon

  • Gi Beginner Heavyweight – Gold


Michael Welch

  •   No Gi Beginner Super Heavyweight
  •   Gi Beginner Super Heavyweight
  •   Gi Absolute White Belt Beginner


Gi-Womens-Gold-QuintinEloy2 copy

Simo Eloy Quintin

  •  Gi intermediate – Blue Belt – Heavyweight – Gold

NoGi-Womens-SilverBoundsK-BronzePostA copy 

Kristina Bounds

  • No gi – Beginner – Heavyweight – Silver

Gi-Womens-Gold-PostAlly copy 

Ally Post

  •   Gi – Beginner – Featherweight – Gold
  •   No gi – Beginner – Bronze


“Até” Carrie Rodenhizer

  • Gi – Featherweight
  • Gi – Absolute – (only female in all male division)

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