Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2012

asian-pacific-american-heritage-month-2012May 18, 2012 Both Guro and Simo, Ervin and Eloy Quintin, visited the Oceana Naval Airstation as a special guest to present the Filipino Martial Arts for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2012. This day used to only be a week long until 1992 where it was permanently designated for the month of May.

Besides the wide array of techniques using the stick, knife, flexible weapons and empty hand striking, the culture and rich history was shared to the US Navy and Marine service men and women that are stationed at the Virginia Beach command which graciously hosted this presentation.

“The Filipino Martial Arts is more than just swinging a stick or holding a weapon. If you are a student of the art, then you are in turn a student of the culture. I’m blessed to continue to demonstrate and show this martial art system to our community especially the military. It gives me pleasure to be chosen to further connect our multi-cultural nations with how the Philippines and the United States have history. That it stemmed from the Filipino Martial Arts. It definitely is an honor and a privelidge.” ~ Guro Ervin Quintin

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