BJJ Blue Belt Test – January 11th 2014


Today, IMPACT added three more blue belts to our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team whom all tested and attained their next rank under Professor Carlos David Oliveira. The path to blue belt is a difficult one, to say the least, requiring students to dedicate countless hours to the constant quest for improvement. What these individuals have achieved today marks not only an unyielding commitment to the arts, but also a high level of patience and perserverance that is carried over into their every-day lives. Congratulations on this milestone achievement. All of you have most certainly earned it!

Blue Belts

  • Simo Eloy Quintin
  • Kuya Geno Quintin
  • Kenji Norman

Stripes Awarded

  • Zachary Griesbach – Blue Belt 2nd Stripe
  • RaeAnn Madigan – White Belt 3rd Stripe
  • Kristina Bounds – White Belt 2nd Stripe

Special thanks to SDR Photography for the great pictures!

2014eloybluebelt 2014genobluebelt 2014kenjibluebelt 

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