BJJ Testing with Professor Carlos David Oliveira

After a seminar was taught by our Professor Carlos David Oliveira, a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Master Roberto Traven, a belt test as conducted for several of our tribe members.

From an intense workout and multiple, consecutive rounds of sparring for all testers, promotions resulted with stripes awarded from white belts to brown belt, a couple of orange belts to our kids program,  two more blue belts into our adult’s team and even IMPACT’s Master Instuctor, Ervin Quintin, achieving the rank of a BJJ purple belt.

IMPACT cheers at everyone’s hard work and dedication to the art. A special thank you to each of you who stepped on the mat to assist in the testing event and congratulations to everyone who attained their new and well deserved ranks.



  • Jake Brown: Orange Belt
  • G’Angelo Quintin – Orange Belt


  • Ervin Quintin: Purple Belt
  • Ally Post: Blue Belt
  • Ian Reynolds: Blue Belt


  • Christopher Costa – Brown Belt 2nd stripe
  • Eloy Quintin – Blue Belt 1st stripe
  • Geno Quintin – Blue Belt 1st stripe
  • Carrie Rodenhizer – White Belt 4th stripe
  • Mindaline Lou – White Belt 3rd stripe
  • Jeremy Bruce – White Belt 2nd stripe
  • Sarah Campbell – White Belt 1st stripe


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