Capoeira with Ligei

“When you train, you feel great. Have you ever seen anyone train with a frown on their face? Of course not. Training always puts a smile on your face.” ~ Clarrel Pope

Capoeira is a fusion of dance, acrobatics, music and martial arts of Brazil. Players, also known as Capoeiristas, would move in flow with their entire bodies in the center of a circle called a Roda. The game’s pace is dictated by the sound of the berimbau in which the energy is fed with song. Everyone participates in a harmonious gathering of friends to watch two players go back and forth with kicks, evasions, spins, cartwheels and all types of playful expression of the martial art.


IMPACT Martial Arts Academy had the pleasure of having Clarrel Pope, aka Ligeirinho or Ligei, teach a Capoeira clinic while visiting here in his hometown of Virginia Beach. Ligei trains at the North American Headquarters for Grupo Capoeira Brazil in the Los Angeles area under Mestre Boneco, one of three founding masters of the organization. The energy was amazing and the material covered was easy to understand while challenging the expression of the body. This is IMPACT’s third Capoeira clinic with Ligei and we had a great time!

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