Congratulations BJJ Testers

Congratulations to all our kids and adults Brazilian Jiu Jitsu testers. From our youngest new grey and white belt to our newest purple belts and coaches, we are proud of them as they displayed great techniques, team work, and most importantly, heart. Keep up the great work. Many thanks to our black belt, Professor David Oliveira, and everyone who came to testing in support. 

Kids BJJ belts : 

Spencer K. – Grey and White belt

Tristan B. – Yellow belt

Trinity B. – Yellow belt

Tess R. – Yellow belt

Leonard K. – Orange and Black belt

Thomas K. – Orange and Black belt

Adults BJJ belts : 

Jeffery Torres – Blue belt

Rob Shermer – Blue belt

Coach Steve Brown – Purple belt

Coach Kuya Jacob Bristol – Purple belt 

Stripes : 

Jakob Brown – Third stripe Orange belt 

Coach Zachary Griesbach – First stripe Purple belt 

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