Filipino Martial Arts Testing – May 3rd 2014


As students progress and gain rank in an art, it’s not simply the technique that is learned, but more so it’s the important characteristics that define those individuals as valued members of society. Here at Impact Martial Arts when we hold testing ceremonies, they’re exactly that, formal ceremonies to commemorate the hard work put forth by our students and the growth they’ve shown in the months leading up to this date. The real test is in each time you train, in the daily grind toward improving oneself and reaching your full potential.

This weekend’s testing began with an intense cardio round, followed by a demonstration of skill, and finally progressing into a sparring session, some of which pitting multiple opponents against one fighter. The students showcased what they had learned in recent months and demonstrated a level of fitness expected of an Impact FMA practitioner. Congratulations to everyone who “leveled up” and thank you to the friends and family that came out to support our testers.



Isaiah Rodriguez – White/Yellow Belt

Lorenzo Purificacion – Yellow Belt

Oliver Guzman – Yellow Belt

Vincent Guzman – Yellow Belt



Charles Soliman – Kapatid level 1

Ronald Lomibao – Kapatid level 2

Sarah Elopre – Kapatid level 2

Ted Rubsamen – Kapatid level 2

Kelly Nevala – Kapatid level 3

Mike Welch – Kapatid level 3

Jeremy Bruce – Apprentice level 1

Joe Ubial Jr. – Apprentice level 4

Kenji Norman – Senior Apprentice level 1

Kuya Tony Icayan – Senior Apprentice level 1


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