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How To Get Into Muay Thai As A Beginner

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The art of Muay Thai has deep roots in Thai culture and is one of the most devastating martial arts in the world. Outside of the fitness and self-defense benefits of training Muay Thai, you may also see significant improvements to your mood and overall mental health. Whether you are an absolute beginner or are someone with experience looking to improve yourself, we’ll cover some essential tips on how to get into Muay Thai as a beginner.

Find a good Muay Thai gym

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Not all Muay Thai gyms are created equal. Some are better than others in terms of facilities, instruction, and overall atmosphere. Take some time to research different gyms in your area and find one you feel comfortable attending. Visit the schedule here if you’re in Virginia Beach, Virginia and find the perfect class for your schedule!

Get In Muay Thai Shape

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You might be a runner, swimmer, or powerlifter, but Muay Thai is a different sport. Your previous athletic training will be excellent for your overall performance but getting in Muay Thai shape requires you to train in Muay Thai. Learn the techniques, be coachable, and start slow.

Getting into Muay Thai as a beginner requires you to maintain your overall fitness. Starting Muay Thai doesn’t mean you need to be a professional athlete, but you should pay attention to your diet, sleep schedule, and consistency.

Showing up to training is one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome but remember your goals! Show up for classes consistently while balancing your recovery, like eating healthy food and sleeping.

It’s equally important to balance your recovery methods with the intensity of your training. Two times a week is a perfect spot to start as a beginner.

Beginners Should Practice Patience

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When you first start training, remember to start slow. Master the basic techniques and drills while gradually increasing the intensity as you get more comfortable.

Each class at Impact is designed to provide the tools you need to build a solid base of your fundamentals and prepare you for things like live sparring or increasing your conditioning.

Remember, everyone learns at their own pace.

Drill and Spar Often

two muay thai athletes training on blue mats with thai pads

Shadowboxing, performing combinations, and hitting a heavy bag are practical tools for self-training, but Muay Thai is a combat sport.

This means you will need to adapt your current knowledge to the dynamic pace of another fighter playing the game with you. It would be best if you got as close as possible to live practice while prioritizing your overall health.

As a beginner, you should focus on training your body to perform the techniques without much thought. You can accomplish this through repetitive drilling and exercises. Think of this as passing the tutorial for your moves and understanding the game.

The base of your training should revolve around the following:

  • Stance and Footwork
  • Striking
    • Speed
    • Power
    • Timing
    • Accuracy
  • Defense
    • Reduce damage
    • Maintaining balance
    • Counter attacking
  • Mental Flexibility
    • Creativity
    • Control over emotions
    • Coachability 

If you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Muay Thai fighter. Depending on your training frequency, you will see results after your first month, third month, and six months. 

Remember to approach training with an open mind, and don’t be discouraged when you have the ups and downs of training. Training is about your personal development as a capable person. Leverage your coach and the gym environment to fill yourself with positive energy that will affect your day-to-day life!

Visit us on YouTube or train with us in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at Impact Martial Arts Academy to get started. Learn about the experienced instructors who will guide you through your Muay Thai journey.