Impact Celebrates It’s Five Year Birthday

Five years ago, Impact began helping others to realize the goals and aspirations they wished to achieve through training in the martial arts. To commemorate this milestone, friends and family gathered to eat, laugh, share stories, compete and demonstrate feats of skill. We hosted the very first in-house Afficionado jiu jitsu tournament, and also a Labon Laro stick fighting competition. A very special congratulation to our own Sarah Elopre for being granted the title of “Ate”, or “Big Sister”. Sarah has been with Impact for some time now and is always ready to assist others in any way she can. Thank you everyone who consistently supports Impact as we grow and aim to continue helping poeple attain what they want most out of life.

Impact’s master insturctor, Guro Ervin Quintin, recently wrote an impressive article about his view on the past five years and this day of celebration. You can read it here.

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