Impact Fight Team at Spartyka 23

Bringing Home an Incredible Win

Rob Shermer finishes his opponent Demar Holloway with a well executed triangle choke in the second round. The lightweight matchup against an opponent with 9 times the fight experience was an intense bout. In the first round Demar secured a takedown and Rob went straight for a triangle choke. Demar escaped into a side control and Rob had great defense that kept him protected for the remainder of the round.

Rob Shermer

In the second round Demar attempted a takedown that Rob sprawled away from immediately and the fight continued onto the ground. Rob was actively strong on his back and locked another triangle choke that ended the match and secured the victory for the night.

Rob Shermer MMA Win

Here’s a quick video made by Spartyka Fight League that showcases the event:


tribe group pic

The Impact Tribe

With a wonderful gathering of individuals, the Impact Tribe came out to support the fighters going into the ring. With a large family of martial artists in Virginia Beach, Impact is one of the best places to get great Mixed Martial Arts training. The continued evolution and growth of the school makes for a fantastic place of learning where everyone wants to achieve success in the best way possible.

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