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Impact Online
Reimagines Community

Impact Online reimagines the martial arts community! Take a look at some of these features:

  • An interactive private martial arts community
  • A complete learning management system
  • Growing collection of class videos
  • Curated Courseware for enhanced learning

Embrace the future of martial arts training and community-building with Impact Online. Join us today and unlock a world of possibilities!

Your Training
Companion App

Train on and off the mat


Experience the convenience of the Impact Online App's built-in Community feature, exclusively designed for Impact students.

Say goodbye to the distractions of regular social media platforms and enjoy a dedicated space where you can connect, chat, and share with fellow students. Discuss class techniques, exchange training videos, and stay up-to-date with all the exciting updates happening at the school.

With our Community feature, connecting with like-minded individuals, expanding your knowledge, and staying engaged in the Impact community has never been easier. Join now and be a part of the vibrant community that supports your martial arts journey.

Class & Courses

Gain unlimited access to our expanding library of online training resources, tailored to accommodate all skill levels and ages.

Immerse yourself in the expertise of Impact Martial Arts Academy's dedicated staff as you learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Filipino Martial Arts.

With Impact Online, the ultimate training companion app, you can conveniently train whenever and wherever you choose, ensuring continuous growth on your martial arts journey.

Join us today and unlock the power of training at your fingertips. Train smart, train Impact!

Info Center

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with a well-structured and informative experience.

Stay connected with the exclusive online community through the Impact Online App, where you'll receive timely updates on important dates, news, events, and more.

Don't forget to enable push notifications to ensure you never miss out on the valuable communications from Impact Martial Arts Academy.

Join us today and stay in the loop with the best in martial arts training and community engagement!

Local to Virginia Beach?

Our academy offers three disciplines, each taught by skilled instructors who will guide you every step of the way:

Join us at Impact and uncover the incredible benefits of martial arts training. Get started on your journey today!