IMPACT’s 4th Year Gathering

July 20 marked a special day on so many different levels. In particular was enjoying the birthday cake of IMPACT’s very own Simo Eloy Quintin after blowing out the candles as everyone cheers in celebration. 

We enjoyed each other’s company with a pot luck style lunch that followed an award to senior students that have contributed above and beyond their comradery to the school. These people were awarded the ranks of Kuya and Até which are Tagalog words for older brother and older sister. Their dedication and service to each other shows testament on how a martial arts family treats each other. Congratulations!

Geno Quintin: Kuya Level 2
Carrie Rodenhizer: Até Level 2
Jason Watson: Kuya Level 2

Jacob Bristol: Kuya Level 1
Justin Dorhmann: Kuya Level 1
Anthony Icayan: Kuya Level 1
Lou Manadero: Kuya Level 1

The day started off with a fantastic demonstration of Filipino Kali and Muay Thai during student testing. Then, joining us for another year, was Raymond Obispo who is a teacher at Salem High School and is its Filipino American Culture Society (FACS) club leader. His students performed a series of spoken word segments that was both captivating and educational. Later, Até Carrie also shared a special piece she wrote just for the Tribe.

We had tons of food, friends and family. It was a great day!

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