IMPACT Zombieland 4

This past Friday, we celebrated Halloween early with our 4th annual IMPACT Zombieland event. IMPACT Zombieland 4 was a terrific time of creative costumes and make-up, delicious food, and zombie games with the Tribe, friends, and family. To make the organized chaos of our zombie slaying rounds more exciting and efficient at the same time, we gave the brave zombie killing survivors a smaller space against the large zombie hoard. Plus, the survivors took on the massive zombie hoard during solo, duo, and fire teams (groups of 4) rounds with increasing levels of difficulty and in the end, the survivors were no match the menacing zombie hoard. After the games, everyone enjoyed time together during the potluck. IMPACT Zombieland 4 was a fantastic night of family, food, and fun. Through the generous support of our Tribe, friends, and family, IMPACT Zombieland gets bigger and better each year. Many thanks to everyone who partcipated and to helped make IMPACT Zombieland 4 a great success.  

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