“Improve by 1% Every Day.”

“Improve by 1% every day.” – IMPACT Martial Arts Academy

These words are not only a part of our mission statement yet it is also an important value we model and instill in our students. Because we understand that every student’s martial arts journey to black belt excellence is going to look, feel, and be different. Just like our physical growth from birth to adulthood, the time and circumstances to get to each milestone of growth is unique to each person. We encourage our students to be their best, the kind of black belt they are meant to be and not in comparison to anyone’s else progress or journey. Each class is an opportunity to push each of us to better than we were the day before and to “improve by 1% every day.” And through the discipline of constantly improving by 1% every day, these small investments add up to large pay offs of greater strength, faster speed, improved coordination, weight loss, ranks being earned, and more importantly, achieving things that we didn’t think were possible before our martial arts training. 

Like one of our Muay Thai students who came in overweight and working a stressful night job who came in to get in better shape and find a constructive outlet. After 6 months of dedicated training, he lost 30 pounds and was able to power through difficult classes that before he couldn’t even attempt nor did he want to. Or one of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students who had great difficulty with grappling and coordination yet after constantly grinding away at her training for almost 2 1/ 2 years, earned her blue belt and is still working towards her black belt. Or one of our Filipino Martial Arts students who had no prior martial arts training and lives with an anxiety disorder. After several years of training, he was able to minimize his medication dosage, gained a healthier and more optimistic attitude in general, moved up the ranks in leadership at our Academy, and is one of most effective and insightful apprentice instructors on the floor. And we are grateful that these handful of stories are only a small example of how our students live our their commitment to every day progress on and off the mats. We too are committed to improving by 1% every day, as seen in both our BJJ coaches earning their stripes in their own black belt journeys. More importantly, we do everything we can to provide a challenging, healthy, and safe environment and community for our IMPACT Tribe to do the same in the Academy and in their lives. 

If you want help in your desire to improve by 1% every day towards goals you have set for yourself, come visit us and let us work with you to make it happen. Because as we always say, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  – African proverb. 


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