Am I Ready for Advanced BJJ Class?

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Let’s take a look at how you can find out if you’re ready to become an advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student at Impact Martial Arts Academy and boost your skill to the next levels.

Stripes and Rank

Colored BJJ belts like blue, purple, brown and black are categorized as advanced BJJ students. But what about white belts? One of the best ways to find out if you qualify for advanced class is how many stripes are on your white belt. If you have two stripes, then you are for sure ready for advanced class. This signifies at least six months of training and have a working understanding on how to learn BJJ.

On occasion, there are students that have no stripes to one stripe that want take part in free sparring which is often referred to as rolling or randori. The fundamentals program was designed to create a working skill set to handle the most common situations found in sparring and is the best way to handle the sparring sections of the advanced class. It is best to talk to your coach if you have less than two stripes on your white belt to see if you’re ready to be an advanced student.

Primers and Basic Techniques

Here is a suggested checklist of techniques that you would need to have a working knowledge of to be a part of advanced class. This is not an exhaustive list but one that can you can use to gauge your toolbox.

  • Motions: Shrimp, forward/backward roll, technical stand up and break fall
  • Takedowns: Can demonstrate two
  • Escapes: Mount, back, side and guard break. One each
  • Passing the Guard: two techniques
  • Submissions: Arm lock, shoulder lock, choke. One each

Desire to Compete

EQ at Pan Ams

Rolling is a definite requirement to become ready for BJJ, grappling competitions and especially mma match ups. If competing is on your goal list, then you should speak with your coach on how to become a competitor. Getting into advanced class is one of the best places to be the best competitor you can be.

Is There a Way to Train While I’m at Home?

Yes there is! If you have not seen the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 101 Course in our app, make sure to review it and study from home. Although it does not replace live dynamics with a resisting partner at the academy, it is one of the best ways to review the basics that will carry you through the highest levels you can go.