New JRS BJJ Competition Class!

Saturdays at 9:00am to 10:00am has been added to the Class Schedule! It will host specialized training for the JRS BJJ students who want to train specifically for competition. Please review a few requirements to familiarize with:


Students must be an active enrolled student in the JRS BJJ Program.

Skill Requirement

The main objective of the JRS BJJ Competition Class will be on situations found in competition. The instructors will assume the athlete has a working knowledge of the basic techniques covered in the Baseline Course.

Class Format

  • 1 hour duration.
  • IBJJF rule set will be used for training.
  • Athletes have the option to compete. Instructors will not impose competition on the athlete. They will always support the athlete’s interests.

If there are any questions, please leave a comment below, send us a private message or see any one of our friendly staff. We look forward to working with you!

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