The Warrior Kid Code

As they say “Readers make leaders.” I couldn’t agree more. Studying the greatest and most influential people of history had a reading list. Here is one that I strongly recommend. Also, here is a part of the book that I think all kids can benefit from. Also, its a wonderful bonding experience reading it to the kids.

Citation and Recommended Book

The Way of the Warrior Kid

by Jocko Willink
  1. The Warrior Kid wakes up early in the morning.
  2. The Warrior Kid studies to learn and gain knowledge and asks questions if he doesn’t understand.
  3. The Warrior Kid trains hard, exercises, and eats right to be strong and fast and healthy.
  4. The Warrior Kid trains to know how to fight so he can stand up to bullies to protect the weak.
  5. The Warrior Kid treats people with respect and helps out other people whenever possible.
  6. The Warrior Kid keeps things neat and is always prepared and ready for action.
  7. The Warrior Kid stays humble.
  8. The Warrior Kid works hard and always does his beast.
  9. I am the Warrior Kid.

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