What’s Advanced Classes Like?

Take a deeper look into what advanced classes are like at Impact with this article. We’ll cover items like class flow, training material, worthwhile challenges, rest rounds and how to enroll into the advanced program. Let’s get into it.

Class Flow

Similar to class flow in the Basics and Fundamentals class, advanced classes flow exactly the same. First, we have the learning portion of class where the pace is easy so that we can warm up the mind and body properly. The practice here is to maximize internalization and allow ourselves to ask needed questions. The duration of this section falls in the 30 minute range just like regular class.

Second, we have the drilling section. This is where the pace encourages smoothing out the repetitions. The intensity would steadily get to a simmer. In our opinion, this is where our true skill is nourished and realized. The duration of this part of class lasts about 30 minutes.

Lastly, we have the hard work section of class. Hard work is encouraged here as this covers the challenges towards fitness and conditioning. Some students see this part of class as the workout section where we get to challenge ourselves. This too is about 30 minutes to complete the 1.5 hour class duration.

Training Material

New techniques are learned here as much as the continuation of the basic and fundamental techniques. The primary objective of the class is the deep dive into the martial art.

Since learning the basics and the fundamentals of techniques were learned previously, advanced class encourages more creativity, active philosophy and understanding the sport part of the martial arts. Just like a painter would mix the colors of red, green and blue, so too would an advanced student. Concepts are studied and dynamics are explored to reveal the individual’s unique style while using the base developed in the basics/fundamentals class.

Worthwhile Challenges

In the martial arts, the obvious challenges are faced in limit breaking. Which limits to break are all dependent on the individual. As we know, the martial arts is a vehicle to the mind, body and spirit. Maintaining the conditioning for each of these is a life long practice which always pays dividends as it grows. Invest into them wisely at each class opportunity with your trusted training partners and coaches.

Rest Rounds

Here at Impact, we all understand the fluctuations of energy especially when the hard work portion of class is engaged. We have the utmost respect for everyone’s personal goals and awareness of their own body. There may be times during the hard work where a rest round is needed or required.

Previously, we mentioned investing into yourself during worthwhile challenges. The other side of the coin is the law of diminishing returns. If the work energy was used, then a rest round may be the time to replenish it. It could mean resetting the mind or just trying to catch your breath. It will not be looked down on nor will there be pressure to spend what energy is left.

Growth may have ingredients from stress, but it’s not the primary ingredient. Push yourself properly but also listen to your body.

How to Enroll into Advanced Class

There are common mile markers to let you know you’re ready. Lets take a look at them:

  1. You’ve reached the highest rank achievable in the Basics and Fundamentals programs.
  2. You’ve maxed out on learning and sharpening basic and fundamental techniques.
  3. You’ve maxed out the challenges that can be faced in Basics and Fundamentals class.

If you have been looking to take the next step, please see your coach, visit the office or send us a message through the app. Let us know you’re ready and we’ll support to the best of our abilities.