As a former member of the civil service and veteran of our armed forces, our head instructor, Ervin Quintin,¬†understands the demands of training in military life. Sometimes you’re in the area for a short period of time and want something to do while you’re in town.

We have options that you can explore without committing to any type of program. Just give us a call or send us a quick message asking about coming to train with us while you’re on temporary assignment in the Virginia Beach area.

We have specialized classes on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Filipino Martial Arts. Do you want to cross train in multiple arts? No problem! All classes are open to train in without any prerequisites.

Are you a beginner?

Train in our fundamentals classes and build a skill base that you can use anywhere. We take pride in making sure basic skills are the strongest it can be.

Are you an experienced student?

You can train in our advanced class. Visitors from other states and countries have told us that they have enjoyed their training while they were on TDY. When they return to the area, its always a pleasure working with them again.

How long can I train while on TAD TDY TDT TDA?

You can train as long as you’re in town. For those that are in the Hampton Roads area for less than 60 days, we recommend using our 10 class pass which covers a whole month! Purchasing another one to cover the second month or taking advantage of the drop in rate would be the next best thing. For your stay of over 60 days, we recommend you speak with the Front Desk as they can help with better options that accommodates for your time with us.

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