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Our staff at Impact Martial Arts Academy are grateful to share this holiday season with all of you! Thank you for the many years of growth and friendship. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

We are a family owned and operated martial arts academy offering high quality training for all ages. From beginners to experienced veterans, the dabbler to life long students, we have the program that fits your needs. Let us know what your goals are and we'll help you realize your full potential.

High Quality Training
Family Owned and Operated Serving Hampton Roads VA since 2009

  • Filipino Kali
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Guro Ervin Quintin will be sharing a weapons seminar in Filipino Kali at Beta Academy in the DC area. Be sure to check the event page for more details.

Originally celebrated May 26, 2018

Photography: Elliott Fisher

Lots of hardwork put in at the US Grappling tournament this past weekend up in Richmond! All of our competitors had awesome matches that highlighted their strength and skill. The match between Geno Quintin and his opponent was something that was definitely noteworthy. 6 minutes of nonstop pressure, attacking, and escaping multiple submission attempts against a seasoned competitor is something to commend. Escaping from what seemed like the finishing bow and arrow from his opponent, he rolled out and caught his opponent in an armbar. That was the start of their submission exchanges until finally, he was caught in a loop choke. Wonderful show of persistence and good sportsmanship Geno!

Kyle Win breanna win no gi breanna win geno win G'angelo win gi g'angelo win no gi

A big congratulations to all our competitors for placing in the tournament! Great job Kyle Sablan (1st Men's Beginner No Gi), Brianna Tate (1st Women's Intermediate No Gi, 2nd Women's Blue Belt Gi), Geno Quintin (2nd Men's Purple Belt Gi), and G'Angelo Quintin (2nd Men's Intermediate No Gi, 2nd Men's Blue Belt Gi). Can't wait to see what the next competition brings!


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