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  • January Edition
    on January 4, 2021

    “If you’re having a bad day or feel like you’ve fallen, know that it’s okay to ask for help. Pick yourself up, and let’s move…

  • The Warrior Kid Code
    on December 18, 2020

    As they say “Readers make leaders.” I couldn’t agree more. Studying the greatest and most influential people of history had a reading list. Here is…

  • 2021 Muay Thai Fight Camp
    on December 16, 2020

    If you are interested in getting into Muay Thai fights, read our Guide to Become a Muay Thai Fighter. Fight team tryouts will be held…

  • 2021 Women’s Muay Thai Program
    on December 12, 2020

    ROUND 2 of the Women’s Only Muay Thai program will be here soon! Let’s start the year strong! This will be a 12 week program…

  • December Edition
    on December 2, 2020

    “No cryin’, keep on tryin’.” – Simo Eloy Quintin Happy Holidays! Impact wishes all its students and members happy holidays and a Merry Christmas. There…

Benefits of Muay Thai

Resilience and Confidence Muay Thai, also known as the art of eight limbs, is one of the world’s most deadliest arts. Training in such an

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