Recap of Our 6th Year Anniversary Gathering

Our 6th Year Anniversary Gathering started off with our annual CPR and AED certification course. Then, Kuya Geno Quintin became our newest Guro as he tested for both his Filipino Martial Arts and Muay Thai black belts. Afterwards, the Tribe broke bread and celebrated together during a pot luck lunch.

Next up were special performances by musical poetry group, Parks and Wrecks, and our very own, Ate Sarah Elopre, who performed Tahitian dancing and an impromptu interactive dancing lesson. Ate Carrie Rodenhizer later shared a heartfelt speech showing gratitude to the Tribe and our fallen brother, Joe Ubial Jr., became our newest Kuya in the panel of Kuyas and Ates. His wife, Caroline Ubial, graciously accepted the IMPACT challenge coin and title on his behalf.

We ended the day with our annual Laban Laro stick tournament with Jeremy Bruce as the winner. Many thanks to everyone’s continued support and here is to more years of growing stronger and going farther together. 

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