Spartyka 26

Excellent work to the MMA fighters on October 22nd! Representing the school, Marshall Shermer and Jay Cichorz put in incredible displays of strength to bring home two more wins! Jay, being the 4th fight of the evening, perservered a tough boxing and clinchwork game versus his opponent and won the match by TKO in the very first round. Marshall, being the 7th fight of the evening, worked his BJJ and Muay Thai skills in the first round. With leg attacks, both striking and grappling, Marshall setup a rear choke and caused his opponent to tapout in the second round.



virginia beach mma

Jay Cichorz keeping his opponent under pressure

mixed martial arts in virginia beach

Ground pressure from Jay Cichorz

brazillian Jiu jitsu in virginia beach

A well placed heel hook from Marshall Shermer

bjj in virginia beach

Ground defense from Marshall Shermer


Thank you to everyone who came out to support the fighters! The team put on a great show of consistent practice and we’ll be getting ready for the next event. Keep up the hard work!

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