Spotlight: Meet Kristina


As our school and IMPACT Tribe has grown over the years, so as our team of apprentice instructors. We are proud of the extra time and effort our apprentice instructors invest into their training as students and as apprentices. We continually seek to improve our IMPACT Apprentice Program training for them and the entire school. We are extremely thankful to see these improvements carried out in the progress of our apprentices and students.

Since our apprentice instructor group is growing, you may be unfamiliar with who exactly is on our team. Let us introduce Kristina Bounds, one of our apprentice instructors under Ervin Quintin. In addition to training in all the arts available at IMPACT as well as in our combat athletes program, our students will recognize Kristina as one of the friendly faces at the front desk, greeting everyone at the door, and helping new Tribe mates get acquainted with the school, their training, and their new teammates. As a student and apprentice instructor, she is always eager in the face of challenges, hungry for all opportunities for training, and is ready to lend a helping hand to visitors and students alike. She is steadily progressing in Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and last year after only a little over a year of grappling training, earned her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt. You’ll find her assisting in the kid’s evening classes or leading group studies when she’s not assisting our office manager or training hard in her other classes. If ever need help on or off the floor or are curious about what it’s like to cross train or be a certified IMPACT Apprentice Instructor, ask her and she’ll be glad to share.

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