Summer Schedule

It’s Summer! We’re rolling out the summer schedule to fully enjoy the day and introduce you to an addition to the kids program. Classes in the daytime will be a slightly earlier to bask in more daylight and enjoy lunch a bit sooner (mainly lunch). As far back as April, we have been slowly implementing our Total Defense Program (TDP) material in the kids classes. More prominent self defense techniques and ground movement has been inducted alongside our striking curriculum. New saturday sessions will be meeting, Black Belt Club (BBC) for kids and Combat Athletes BJJ competition training. See the summer schedule below:

 Summer Schedule

Starting June 20th, 2016

Starting on June 20th, 2016, please find the enhanced schedule highlighted below also found on the class schedule page.


  • Adults Muay Thai:
    • 11AM
    • 8:30PM
  • Kids BJJ: 5:30PM
  • Adults FMA: 6:30PM
  • Adults BJJ: 7:30PM


  • Adults BJJ 10AM
  • Adults FMA 11AM
  • Explorers 5-7 yrs: 4:30PM
  • Juniors 8-12 yrs: 5:30PM
  • Adults Muay Thai: 6:30PM
  • Combat Athletes / Fight Camp: 7:30PM


  • Sayoc Kali: 10AM
  • Kids Black Belt Club 11AM
  • BJJ competition practice 12PM (Mat 1)
  • Muay Thai Conditioning 12PM (Mat 2)

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