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Who is Surachai Sirisute?

surachai sirisute ajarn chai

Surachai Sirisute (Ajarn Chai) is a renowned Muay Thai instructor and founder of the Thai Boxing Association-USA. He is considered a pioneer of Muay Thai in the United States and has been instrumental in promoting and popularizing the sport.

Ajarn Chai has been teaching Muay Thai for over 50 years and has trained numerous world champions. He has also been featured in various martial arts publications.

Sirisute’s impact on Muay Thai is significant as he has played a crucial role in introducing the sport to the United States and other parts of the world. He has helped to establish Muay Thai as a legitimate martial art and has contributed to its growth and development.

Sirisute’s dedication to teaching and promoting Muay Thai has also helped to increase awareness about the sport’s cultural significance and history. His influence has inspired many practitioners to become ambassadors for Muay Thai and to spread its teachings and principles to others.

We had the honor to host him during to celebrate 50 years of Muay Thai!

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