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Team Impact Fights At Spartyka XXI

Geno Quintin vs Tony Moye

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Team Impact for their remarkable performance at Spartyka XXI, held at the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk!

Let’s dive into some of the exciting highlights and commentary from the MMAinVA.com news site.

Geno Quintin vs Tony White Moye

Round 1: The second fighter representing XCWT that night, Tony White Moye, displayed an impressive level of physical fitness, arguably the best we’ve seen from him to date. It’s evident that his move to XCWT has positively impacted his conditioning. On the other side, Geno Quintin was also in exceptional shape and wasted no time launching powerful kicks.

White Moye, showcasing his strength, caught one of Quintin’s kicks and executed a swift takedown, bringing Quintin to the canvas. However, Quintin swiftly transitioned into a tight guillotine choke. Not stopping there, Quintin further advanced his position, locking in a super-tight triangle choke. The tension in the air was palpable as he seemed to be simultaneously working on a reverse or inverted arm bar.

In the end, it was a well-executed submission by Quintin, with White Moye tapping out at just 1 minute and 18 seconds into the round. Quintin emerged victorious via the triangle choke submission.

A thrilling match indeed, showcasing the incredible skills and determination of both fighters. Congratulations again to Team Impact for their impressive showing at Spartyka XXI!