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At Spartyka XXI

Geno Quintin vs Tony Moye

Congratulations to Team IMPACT on their MMA performance at Spartyka XXI at the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk!

Check out some of the commentary found from MMAinVA.com news site.

Tony White Moye v. Geno Quintin

ROUND 1 The second XCWT fighter of the night, in White Moye, looked to be in the best physical condition to date.  It appears that the move to XCWT has done him good physically.  However, Quintin was in great shape as well and came out firing with some decapitating kicks. White Moye caught a kick and slammed Quintin to the canvas, but fell right into a guillotine.  Quintin transitioned to a tight triangle choke that was super tight and appeared to also be working on a reverse or inverted arm bar.  White Moye tapped and Quintin is your winner via the triangle choke at 1:18 of the round, via submission (triangle choke).


MMA Mixed Martial Arts

What is MMA?

So what exactly is MMA? It’s an abbreviation for Mixed martial arts and it has become very popular as a sport and a workout routine.

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