Team IMPACT Does it Again

05042013 Team IMPACT BJJTeam IMPACT brings home Gold from U.S. Grappling tournament in multi divisions! Competitors ranging from 8 years old through the teens and adult divisions stepped on the floor on a mission to have fun. Amoung the team even the owner and founder of IMPACT, Guro Ervin Quintin, makes his debut as a grappling challenger that resulted placing first in Men’s 30+ No Gi divsion, Men’s 30+ No Gi Absolute division and third in Men’s 30+ Gi Division.

We are ultra proud of everyone to see their training and hard work shined through in each match. Great attitudes and sportsmanship in every aspect of the only two results that matter in competition. You’re either winning or you’re learning. It is in that true martial art spirit that resulted in Team IMPACT’s 18 medals!

Special thanks goes out to Professor Carlos David Oliveira. Running back and forth from both far ends of the venue to help the competitors as much as possible, must of been tiring!


30+ Men’s Division

Guro Ervin Quintin
Gold: 30+ No Gi Intermediate 162 – 175.5 lbs
Gold: 30+ No Gi Intermediate Absolute
Bronze: 30+ Gi Blue Belt 162 – 175.5 lbs

Men’s Division

Jason Watson
Silver: Men’s No Gi Novice 162 – 175 lbs

Grant Brown
Gold: Men’s No Gi Novice 175.5 – 188 lbs
Bronze: Men’s Gi White Belt 175.5 – 188.5 lbs

Women’s Division

Simo Eloy Quintin
Gold: Women’s Gi White Belt 135.5 – 158 lbs

Aryen Robertson
Silver: Women’s Gi White Belt 158 and up

Juvenile Division (Ages 4-17)

Zach Griesbach
Gold: Juvenile No Gi 159 and up
Gold: Juvenile Gi Blue Belt 118 – 149 lbs

Kenji Norman
Bronze: Juvenile Gi 130 – 140 lbs Ages 15-17 Beginner

Geno Quintin
Silver: Juvenile Gi 130 – 140 lbs Ages 15-17 Beginner
Bronze: Juvenile No Gi Beginner -149 lbs

Ian Reynolds
Silver: Juvenile Gi 149 – 173 Beginner / Intermediate
Silver: JJuvenile No Gi 159 and up

G’Angelo Quintin
Gold: Juvenile Gi 59 – 72 lbs Beginner Ages 10-12

Jake Brown
Gold: Juvenile No Gi 49 – 60 lbs Beginner
Silver: Juvenile Gi 49 – 60 lbs Beginner Ages 7-8

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