The IMPACT Battle Stick

IMPACT Battle StickThis stick is beautifully branded by our very own Simo Eloy Quintin. With her hands and branding tools, she sears the family crest onto this stick to create a truly unique piece of artwork which embodies the tribe spirit.

The crest is elegantly written in Baybayin, a pre-Filipino writing system that has been modified through Spanish influence during the colonization of the Philippine Islands. With deep respects to the history and progressions of that time period, certain characters are used to complete each word phonetically. Read vertically, these words are virtues that we strive to live by: Mahal (Love), Lakas (Strength) and Karangalan (Honor). Then we have a word spanning the column of virtues that is read as KI-N-TI-N, our family’s last name.

By entering the Full Tribal Membership or through custom order, your last name is also branded into the artifact. Whether to enhance your grip strength or displaying it as an art collector item, you’ll find this piece will be the center of conversation with the stories that are connected to it. Enjoy sharing these memories with your loved ones.

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