Yang Sam Khum Footwork Story

As a faithful guard of the heavens, Lord Shiva granted Tatawan a blessing. The once devoted guard became conceited in requesting for three hundred miles of land in which he would have the power to devour any man, god or animal that would stray into his land. The evil giant Tatawan became increasingly greedy and over indulgent of blood, even using meditation to brew magic as to lure more and more victims. Those that managed to escape pleaded with Lord Shiva to intervene but it was rather unfortunate that the kind hearted Lord Shiva, who always granted a blessing if asked, had no power to undo any blessing or spell which went foul. Lord Shiva then ordered for Lord Rama (Vishnu) to get rid of the evil giant Tatawan.

The Lord Rama then approached Tatawan in a transformed body of a little boy requesting for a piece of land that cover three strides so that he could perform a ritual according to the brahma books .The little boy assured Tatawan that he could devour him as soon as he was done. The giant then agreed to give the disguised Lord Rama a piece of land and gave his vow that he would not take back the land once the ritual was performed. As soon as Tatawan made his vow, Lord Rama returned to his normal form, back to his almighty self the whole land shook when lord Rama took the tree strides covering the giants land, taking the 300 square miles. Tatawan was so afraid as he knew only one person who could perform such an act, (Lord Rama) and was aware that he struck with doom and thus killed the evil giant Tatawan.

Yang sam khum is one of the great footwork treasures that muay Thai holds. Yang sam khum is the way to evade an opponent and to counter him while moving forwards or backwards in the most simple and efficient way.

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